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Professional Eco-Buddy Cleaning Company

Eco-Buddy Carpet Cleaning

We use a high powered truck mount, hot water extraction system, which is the recommended cleaning method of almost all carpet manufacturers and carpet fibre producers around the world.

Eco-Buddy Furniture Cleaning

Eco-Buddy  Carpet Cleaning technicians will carefully inspect the fabric and construction of your furniture to determine which cleaning process is appropriate.

Eco-Buddy Cleaning Company

Eco-Buddy  Carpet Cleaning uses a professional tile cleaning system that flushes and extracts contaminants, leaving a cleaner, brighter and residue free floor.

Eco-Buddy Carpet Cleaning and More

* Wood protection cleaning / waxing

Wood is kind of investment, so if you want to extend its life must be regular cleaning and maintenance. Our wood cleaner and waxing agent not only in addition to stolen goods, but also provide protection of wood, shiny shiny.

* Moving / Open House House Clean

House cleaning includes windows, kitchen, toilets and flooring / carpet. The home will provide its own tools and syrup.

* UV disinfection

The hospital will use UV disinfection technology to kill air and objects on the virus and bacteria.